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Dr. Ravinder Kumar

The journey of Dr Kumar's academics started from (CAEHS) and continued to accomplish his higher education from the most reputed Physiotherapy department of Post Graduate Institute (IAMR) & ICRI (Cranfield University) U.K.



Physiotherapy/Physiotherapist at Home in Indirapuram, Raj Nagar Extension, Vaishali, Mohan Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad. If you are looking the best home Physiotherapy or Physio@Home services so, “Ortho Neuro Physiotherapy Clinic, Ghaziabad” is giving these services in healthcare profession from last 14 Years. Service for Physiotherapy at Home/ Home physiotherapy, you can visit at our Clinic or can take Physio@Home by visiting our website@

“ has already been Trusted from since 14 Years”

We are giving Physiotherapist/physiotherapy at home with Mobile physiotherapists or Physio@Home / home visit consultations, services as opposed to traditional physiotherapists who work in regular clinic work environments.

Increasingly, both patients and practitioners are becoming aware of Physiotherapy at Home/Home Physiotherapy (“home physio”) benefits. I will discuss few main benefits for individual citizens in Ghaziabad, showing how they can improve the overall healthcare delivery in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Shastri Nagar, Raj Nagar Extension, Mohan Nagar, Vasundhara, Kaushambi, Kavi Nagra, Raj Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Sahibabad, Shyam park, Ghaziabad & Gaur Green City, Noida & Delhi.

In 1800s, when it was majorly rotating around manipulation and exercises. However, over the years, these dimensions have widened their horizons and today; Physiotherapy treatment has become one of the most advanced / preferred modalities to cure pain. Right from restoring health to enhancing strength/flexibility, movement and functionality it does it all. Now imagine, getting these Physiotherapy benefits without leaving your home. Physiotherapists personally visit patients and perform necessary treatments.

Benefits of Physiotherapy at home:-

1. Fast Recovery

If you’re experiencing pain due to accident or injury or due to any other reason, you feel any way a little uneasy and the only place that can bring you comfort is your home. Now in that comfort space of yours, if you get Physiotherapy/Physiotherapist Treatment at home then chances of improvement also get boosted. You are relaxed and comfortable so you can recover fast.

2. Personal attention and better care

When you are home, you have your people around you and hence you feel motivated. At the same time, the physiotherapist machine can give you personal attention and you too would be able to share your concern without any hesitation, thus resulting in better growth. All in all, the effectiveness of the treatment gets high.

3. Quick and good treatment

At times, it may happen that, you visit our best physiotherapist but, the atmosphere and surrounding there doesn’t cooperate with you. This criterion can be totally eliminated in case of home physiotherapy treatment as the physiotherapist would first of all use his or her knowledge and the required tools to help you out. Then, he or she would devise a routine for you on the basis of the infrastructure and surrounding as per your home, hence leading to better treatment.

4. No movement issues

In case of high-risk problematic patients, home physiotherapy treatment is highly recommended. They might face problems in terms of travelling and making day to day movements. So when a physiotherapist visits their place, they will get best treatment by being at their home only.

5. Best Management of Time

At times, it is very difficult to keep up with the schedule of the physiotherapist. Sometimes, People miss out on experts and their treatments due to non-flexibility of schedules. This obstacle can be very well solved through home physiotherapy treatment. You can save time and manage your routine and also get highly efficient treatments at home by planning sessions according to your time schedules.

6. Cost Efficiency

You can’t deny the fact that, travelling to a doctor is worthy but, one can’t ignore the travelling expenses as well. So when you are visited by the physiotherapist/physiotherapy at home, you save your travelling expenditure, which makes the entire treatment process cost-efficient.

7. Monitoring/Supervision

When you get physiotherapy treatment at your home, your family members can keep a watch on the treatment and on the recovery too. If you too feel disheartened, your family members will be there to support you and can help the physiotherapist as well if he or she requires anything.

8. Care & Personal Safety

The main advantage of physiotherapy at home is care and personal safety, since it removes the burden of transportation (home to physical clinic or hospital, and back) from an suffered and stressed patient.

Today, Physiotherapy/Physiotherapist at home continues to gain popularity at larger scale because of these safety terms .Although patients can be admired for their tenacity, the bottom line is that driving to and from a clinic is dangerous and can lead to serious conditions sometimes , if not fatal road accidents.

Once a day and time is fixed for the appointment, a mobile physiotherapist will drive at your home to offer best physiotherapy treatment of your injury.

9. Examination

Examination is the foundation of a physiotherapy treatment. If we don't get it in right manner, all assumptions will go incorrect and will further delay your treatment and recovery.

Within a traditional way of physiotherapy treatments, it was assumed that the mattress is okay and physiotherapist never recommended replacement, the pain/injury risks getting even worst before the concrete steps were taken.

10. Appropriate as per the requirement

For the patient with serious mobility issues, injured/suffered people want to avoid outside travelling/movement by taking it easily physiotherapy treatment at home. In these types of cases, or more severe cases physiotherapy at home is best suitable and more appropriate and easy way for all concerned parties!

In particular cases, with kids and young children, for whom a simple appointment is never that simple. Kids are not easily settled inside the clinics, which add considerable problem for everyone. The physiotherapist's attention is distracted, causing lower quality, treatment and results. Patients get discouraged, and the kids' frustration grows over time. So Physiotherapy treatment at home is best idea to deal with

11. Easy for Disable People

Sometimes, many people with disabilities cannot move to traditional clinics. While steps and tight spaces may be a problem for most people, if you mobilise in a wheelchair, they are huge obstacles to overcome. As a fixed location at clinic, physical location accessibility is foremost in our thoughts when setting up shop. Unfortunately, commercial rent is highly expensive and many physiotherapy clinics are pushed towards the back of strip (shopping) malls, or forced to locate amidst a clutter of small shops. Increasing the number of obstacles before entering the clinic.

Physiotherapy at home simplifies access issues, because patients have better mobility and control of their environment in the setting where they are most familiar.

12. Low Expenditure

There is financial motivation for the physiotherapy at home movement, as well as many benefits for allied health practitioners themselves. Operating a physical clinic is expensive with its high fixed costs and frequent income uncertainty also for the patients coming to clinic with highly travelling expenses and other accessibility issues. Unfortunately, these costs continue to mount during holidays and quiet periods. Conversely, a well-run mobile clinic has low overheads & allows practitioners to transition towards a lifestyle business, i.e. a less stressful life that better balances family, career, and social goals/commitments.

Physiotherapist for Home Visit

‘Physiotherapy for chronic pain starts with discussion, investigation and education. Persistent pain can be confusing, particularly with so much information around to sort through. We start by addressing questions and concerns and move towards increasing understanding of pain and its interaction with physical function. Pain is a complex thing but a solid understanding of pain is vital to progress so we start with this. Attention is paid to any difficulties with physical function, often caused by a combination of injury and pain resulting in a mixture of stiffness/tightness/weakness. We methodically develop simple activity and exercise programmes which are also reviewed and progressed regularly.

Many patients experience fear of certain movements or activities, often avoiding activities they used to enjoy. It makes sense to avoid or to be apprehensive about things that have been painful in the past but pain can cause us to become overprotective. We address this as well with education and progressive experimentation.

As we move forward with exercise, it is often appropriate to introduce pool and/or gym-based exercise. Education is provided and exercises prescribed at the outset and progress is reviewed regularly. By this stage, patients have a good understanding of their pain, how their symptoms respond to activity and exercise and how safe they are to perform exercises so the pool or gym sessions are soon independent. We regularly review progress in the clinic (or at the pool/gym if appropriate) and agree on progression of existing exercises or introducing new ones.

Everything we try is informed by research and experience but some things work better for some than for others so we do what I like to call ‘Small, low-risk experiments’ to determine the best programme. We use these experiments to discover what works based on evidence from the patient’s own experience of trying the exercises and activities. Or you can search by “Physiotherapy Near Me” We then progress or introduce new experiments The overall aim is to help patients to improve their physical function and reduce the impact of pain on well-being in all areas of work and life.

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